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Oorah Celebration

Missouri is a long way from the Outer Banks, but that’s exactly where Ashlee’s parents loaded the truck with chairs, food, and decorations for the long journey. It would be one of the biggest days in their family’s life. Destination: Kill Devil Hills. Maybe an appropriately named town to be married in for two Marine […]

Taking the Plunge … Seriously.

They knew right from the start! That’s exactly what Marley and Chad told me. They knew from the very beginning that ‘This Was It’. I love hearing stories like that. We all have a romantic side to us that wants to believe in that magical destiny that draws us to our soulmate. So, of course, […]


Last week I performed a wedding up in the 4×4 area north of Corolla. The only road up there is the sand on the beach! It’s very beautiful and famous for the horses that roam free up there on the beach. The wedding was about to start and a Sheriff rolls up just behind the ceremony arch, […]

Top 4 ‘TIME’ Tips For Your Beach Wedding

“Let’s see, what time do we want to have our wedding on the beach?” There are many factors that go into making this decision, and many of those factors land on personal preferences, but here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a ‘time’ for an Outer Banks Wedding. Time of Year There […]

Why Not Have A Friend Perform My Wedding?

There is something warm at first when you think about having your friend or family member perform your wedding. They know you. They love you. But is it possible to still have a warm, comfortable, personalized ceremony without putting your friend in an unusual and unfamiliar position? You don’t get that moment back. Of course, […]

Cool Stuff OBX Brides Should Know About

Ever been somewhere for an event and wish you knew about options ahead of time? This certainly can happen with your wedding, too. The whole thing can go great, but maybe even greater if you know all your options and opportunities. This is true no matter if it’s a destination wedding here on the Outer Banks, […]

6 Ways Your OBX Wedding is Like The NFL

The number one professional sport in America is hands down the National Football League. It’s the ultimate team sport, much like the ultimate relationship between a man and a woman….marriage. Check out the six ways your Outer Banks wedding has in common with the great NFL.

Animals That Attend Outer Banks Weddings

Sometimes they are pets, and sometimes they are unexpected guests from the wild. You just never know! I thought it would be fun to list the 8 different animals I’ve seen at beach weddings here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina during the last 14 years. You won’t believe a few of them, but […]

Top Five Outer Banks Wedding Venues

One of the first questions couples ask me is “Where should we get married on the Outer Banks?”. That’s kind of a loaded question because if you’ve ever been here you know that there are many options and it just depends on what you like.