The number one professional sport in America is hands down the National Football League. It’s the ultimate team sport, much like the ultimate relationship between a man and a woman….marriage. Check out the six ways your Outer Banks wedding has in common with the great NFL.


There is really no bigger stage in sports than an NFL game, much like the coliseum back in the day. Your Outer Banks Wedding is like that, too, with the biggest stage of all…The Atlantic Ocean! It’s truly magical to stand there with that backdrop and take it all in during the most important promise moment of your lives.


NFL players get ramped up as they come out of the tunnel from the locker rooms onto the field, ready for something really special to happen. It’s the same kind of anticipation as when everyone is invited to stand as the OBX bride comes over those dunes to the beach. It’s game day, and this game is for keeps!



In an NFL game, each play begins with a ‘snap’ where the center hikes the ball. Without the snap there is no chance for a touchdown, and without The Promise there is no wedding! But every Outer Banks wedding has a promise that begins the long hike of life together. It’s the beginning of a wonderful journey no longer as just individual players, but as a Team; soulmates, lovers, best friends, and yes, Husband & Wife!


The beauty of a long completed pass on the NFL gridiron moves the whole crowd in awe. It’s an even greater awe when family and friends witness you standing on the beach exchanging vows and rings; A completed pass of everything you are to each other on your OBX Wedding Day! Awesome!



Sometimes NFL players are given a penalty because of what the refs call “Excessive Celebration”. This happens most of all after a touchdown or interception. But on the Outer Banks, no one is going to penalize you for celebrating too much at your wedding. In fact, it’s encouraged! Many couples have their fun reception right there at their beach house around the pool. Caterers like Red Sky Cafe, The Black Pelican, and Kelly’s all specialize in helping your wedding guests with a post game tailgate celebration they will never forget.


There is probably no bigger dream for every NFL player than to score the winning Touchdown. That moment when they know deep down they have just experienced something they’ll never forget. It’s no different than the joy you can see in a bride and groom’s eyes when they ‘touch down’ their toes in the sand for a moment the will live on forever. It’s a great feeling, known only by those who cross that line.

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