Ever been somewhere for an event and wish you knew about options ahead of time? This certainly can happen with your wedding, too. The whole thing can go great, but maybe even greater if you know all your options and opportunities. This is true no matter if it’s a destination
wedding here on the Outer Banks, Jamaica, or Las Vegas. So for all those future couples coming to the barrier islands of North Carolina, here’s a list of some of those cool things that might just make your life easier while here for your wedding.


Sometimes parking is a real challenge on an island, and it can stress you and your guests. Fear not, because there are some great options with the Corolla Trolley Services, as well as Island Limousine & Taxi. They make life comfortable and easy for everyone.


If your pet isn’t going to be a part of the ceremony, what do you do with him for the day? You want your family and friends to enjoy themselves instead of pet sitting, so why not use a professional service to pamper your furry family member for the event. “Wedding Paws” is a member of the Outer Banks Wedding Association and offers a much needed service.


Ever notice how professional lights can totally transform a dance area. No one does it any better here than “Blue Steel Lighting”. John Endres is personable, friendly, and knowledgeable on what will make your ceremony or reception area unique and awesome. Visit their website and see some amazing examples that work well on the Outer Banks.


How about someone reliable and trusted to take care of the children during the rehearsal, golf outing, salon appointment, or ceremony? It’s good to know that there is someone like Penny Robbins here to take the best of care for our munchkins. Her business name is “Robbins Nest Sitting Service”, and has had a great following since 1990.


One of THE most fun wedding sounds on the beach is the Steel Drums. There’s just something about it that makes you feel light and happy inside. The following two artists are the very best I’ve seen and worked with. Amazing! So check out Minsky Delmonte,, and the ladies of “One Love”,


How great to secure your engraved wedding gifts for an easy pick up once you’ve made it to the Outer Banks. You won’t have to mail anything or travel with breakables that way. All ready for you upon arrival of the big event. Larry will take great care of you and your personalized needs.

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