Missouri is a long way from the Outer Banks, but that’s exactly where Ashlee’s parents loaded the truck with chairs, food, and decorations for the long journey. It would be one of the biggest days in their family’s life. Destination: Kill Devil Hills. Maybe an appropriately named town to be married in for two Marine soldiers. It was a wedding I will never forget.

It’s unlikely I’ll ever perform another wedding for two marine soldiers while standing in the middle of the two most wonderful flags in the whole world. But there we were, celebrating an amazing moment next to the Atlantic ocean with powerful rain clouds on all sides of us. It was Awesome!

Ashlee and Shane met over in Okinawa, Japan, while serving our nation. They actually met on the very first day Ashlee arrived on base there in Japan. After their first get-together/date at a local Subway, Shane says they were inseparable.

Somehow I was the lucky guy who got to stand with them on July 4th and guide them through their vows of marriage. It was a nice intimate wedding with about 20 guests, and some very happy and proud tears. I especially hit it off great with Ashlee’s parents and her uncles. They welcomed me into this huge life moment as if I were truly family.

Ashlee and Shane had a big celebration back home a week or two after their beach wedding for all the family and friends that couldn’t be at the wedding. I love this shot of them holding a special OBX blanket that someone made for them. How cool?!

I have a very special place in my heart for those who have served in the military. My one big regret in life is that I didn’t inlist as a Marine. So to stand with two who did, and love them through their wedding day was Very special to me. Oorah!

*** All photos were taken by Ashlee’s Uncle Brian: “On Scene Photography” ***

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