They knew right from the start! That’s exactly what Marley and Chad told me. They knew from the very beginning that ‘This Was It’. I love hearing stories like that. We all have a romantic side to us that wants to believe in that magical destiny that draws us to our soulmate.

So, of course, Marley and Chad decided to have a destination wedding on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was a very warm summer afternoon when I arrived in Duck to meet up with them and their families. Chad was so cool about wanting to make everything just right and special for Marley. After some last minute details, we all made our way down to the beach, got in place, and there on the dune appeared Marley with her bouquet in one hand and her father in the other. She’s just a natural beauty and the whole beach stopped what they were doing to watch her make her way down to where Chad and I were standing with their kids.

The ceremony was going really well with a good mix of honor and laughter. One of the elements of the ceremony was the following note they wrote:

“Our relationship has been unconventional from the start. We both had kids already and our dates included the three of them. But something just felt right. From Day 1 we started making plans to be a family together. We truly have become a family. I love how safe and taken care of he makes me feel everyday. We both had some pretty rough roads until we met each other and just vowed to always laugh and love no matter what. We will continue to do that as husband and wife!”

They shared their vows, exchanged some beautiful rings, and then enjoyed the Sand Ceremony along with their children. It’s one of the most meaningful ways to include kids in a wedding ceremony, and what a wonderful keepsake from the big day.

Well, here’s where we get to the part of this story that caused me to want to blog it. No one knew! Not one person! I pronounced them “Husband and Wife” and then they kissed like I have seen so many times. As they are kissing, I’m getting ready to make the transition to the Presentation, and just as I am…wait….what….are you kidding!!! As soon as they kissed, they stared at each other for a split second and then bolted for the ocean; and I mean BOLTED!

We were all in awe as Marley and Chad took the plunge, literally, into the Atlantic ocean. Needless to say there was no recessional in the ceremony that day. Everyone was laughing and snapping pics with their cell phones. I just remember being stunned, thinking, “They really did it!” Everyone has their own style, but my hat is off to Marley and Chad. They will forever laugh and smile when they think about The Plunge they took on their wedding day. Amazing!!!

Photo Credits to Artz Photography

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