“Let’s see, what time do we want to have our wedding on the beach?” There are many factors that go into making this decision, and many of those factors land on personal preferences, but here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a ‘time’ for an Outer Banks Wedding.

Time of Year

There are pros and cons of every time of year, but I’ve found living here over the last 14 years that the most beautiful and comfortable months are May, June, September, and October. No surprise then that the biggest wedding months of the year are those four. We have many nice days throughout the winter, and my fist wedding this year is on March 11th. If you choose something like March or April, you’ll want to have a plan B in case the weather is a little too cold with the northeast wind. Some of the beauties of March, April, October, and November, are that beach house rentals are much cheaper, and there are less people.

Time of Day

I get asked this one all the time. What time of day is the very best for a beach wedding? Well, some of it depends on what time of year you chose. If you have a July or August wedding, don’t kill your guests out in the intense summer sun at 1:00pm. Not only will your guests be uncomfortable, but the sand gets so hot that no one (including you) can go barefoot. On the other hand, having a 1:00pm ceremony in April is a great idea because it’s probably going to be the most comfortable time of the day. I’ve seen guests at an evening April wedding freezing while they wait on the processional to start. Sunrise can be a beautiful experience for a beach wedding on the Atlantic, but keep in mind how early your guests will have to get up. All in all, probably the most prime time I’ve seen for weddings during the regular season is 4pm or 6pm.

Time for Travel

Much of the time, travel is not a big deal here because destination weddings tend to be on the smaller size with family & friends staying together. But many weddings require that guest arrive on a weekend, and the highway coming across the bridge can turn into a parking lot, not to mention Highway 12 which flows up through Duck to Corolla. Be sure to tell your guests about this so they won’t be steamed by the time they reach your wedding.


Time for Photography

Once you have decided on a specific date, it’s often times a good idea to speak with you photographer before choosing a time certain for the ceremony. Some photographers are very particular about their preferences for their craft. Most of the Outer Banks professional wedding photographers I know can make it happen know matter what time you choose, but I think they all love those last two hours of the day the most. Lots of couples tell me they want a sunset wedding, but be sure that you have enough light after the ceremony to get the shots you’ll treasure forever.

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