My Title Is Reverend

… but I would much rather you just call me “Jay”.

I am a seminary ordained minister who semi-retired to the Outer Banks after 24 years of a full time career in 3 wonderful churches.

Now I have the great honor of serving as a full time wedding officiant for couples and families in one of the most important and happy windows of their lives; their wedding day here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s who I am; It’s what I do; and I love it!

I have lived in some beautiful places (Florida, Colorado), but doing life here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is going to be hard to beat. I feel soooooo blessed to be living the dream here on this big sandbar. It’s just flat out awesome.


I’m so blessed to be married to my best friend, Becky. We spend a lot of time running, cycling, and have lots of adventures.

When we’re not laughing about silly things, we’re hanging with our two dogs, Cheyenne and Spirit. I wish all of you could meet and know her. I’m so proud to be her husband. We feel so lucky to be living life together here on the Outer Banks.

photo by Stephen Dohring Photography

photo by Stephen Dohring Photography

photo by Matt Lusk Photography

photo by Matt Lusk Photography



My professional background includes undergrad studies at Asbury College in Kentucky, and then seminary work at NorthPark Theological Seminary in Chicago: my ordination credentials are through a small, but solid denomination with Swedish Lutheran roots.