A Perfect Spring Day



When Jenny walked down that sandy beach aisle, it was all Ronnie could do to hold it together. What a powerful moment. He stood tall and shared his vows with a happy full heart, and so did Jenny. It was a real tear jerker when Jenny surprised Ronnie with a special promise she had prepared for his son, little Ronnie. The Outer Banks is always beautiful in its own way, but it goes to another level when you experience a wedding there. Our company, I Do OBX Chairs, did a fabulous job on the ceremony design. And it’s always good to team with DJ Matt with Outer Banks Music Masters

To top off the joy for me was the gift of seeing a couple I married 8 years ago. Michelle was one of those unforgettable brides who was married at sunrise.  

Here’s a photo of her and her daughter Lilly. 


I’m so thankful for all the wonderful people that I get to meet.  

It was truly a Perfect Spring Day! 

Jay BowmanComment