It was a very warm June afternoon on the Corolla beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Not super hot, just a nice touch of summer. Chelsea, Ethan, and their one year old son Lincoln, had made the trip from Pennsylvania to get married with their toes in the sand. Destination weddings can be so fun and really don’t have to be stressful once you find a vendor or two that you can trust. They originally booked to be married at 7:00 pm, but later changed the time to 2:30 pm, which actually turned out great.


A large percentage of couples do a ‘first look’ these days, and so Chelsea and Ethan took their wedding party out on the beach for some pre-ceremony photos to expedite the time after so they could all enjoy the reception. Katie (Katiedid Photography), a local wedding photographer and long time friend of mine, was the one capturing memories that day, and I had an idea. Chelsea and Ethan were very fun and laid back, so I asked them if it would be ok to stage a photo or two during the pre-ceremony pics. They readily said yes, and Katie was game, too, and the outcome was awesome!


t’s hard to come up with magazine ads that really speak to what you want to provide for couples as a wedding officiant. But this one hit the mark for me, and I couldn’t thank Chelsea, Ethan, and Katie enough. It’s fun! It’s active! It’s authentic! It ended up being the full page ad on the very first page of this year’s 2018 Outer Banks Weddings magazine. Yes!!!!!


Well, the 30 or so family and friends gathered on the beach at 2:30, and Chelsea was escorted across the sand to meet up with her best friend, Ethan. The wedding was very special and totally them from start to finish. Smiles everywhere. Even people down the beach were clapping and smiling as the couple made their first walk down the aisle as husband and wife. The OBX Package turned out to be all they needed, and I will forever be honored to have been their officiant. #lovemyjob

Jay Bowman