One of the Happiest Weddings of 2019

Sometimes you just meet someone and know….WE ARE A GREAT TEAM! That’s how I felt in my gut when we held Keirsten and Fidel’s rehearsal. They were super cool, as well as their whole wedding party. Miha (their planner from the Hilton Garden Inn) and I tag teamed the rehearsal, and the day of the wedding went so smooth it was crazy. So much laughter. So many happy tears. So much joy!

Keirsten and Fidel put together a killer team: Kitty Hawk Pier Weddings as a venue. Coastal DJ on sound. I Do OBX Chairs on the ceremony design. And Kristi Midget Photography on the camera.

How beautiful was Keirsten in that dress!!! Wow!

How beautiful was Keirsten in that dress!!! Wow!

It was so great to see the many generations represented from both sides of their families. I stood there after the ceremony watching Kristi taking photos and Fidel’s grandmother walked up to me, said some very complimentary things, and then started telling me what a wonderful young man Fidel is. She was beaming as she told me some stories of his character. Loved that moment. Loved this couple. All my best!!!!!

Jay Bowman