All you need to acquire is a North Carolina Marriage License from any North Carolina County Register of Deeds. There is no waiting period on the license, so in effect, you can get the marriage license and be married the same day. No blood tests or physical exams are required.

You don’t have to acquire your marriage license in the same county you will be married in.

Feel free to call 252 216 6676 or contact me with any questions and concerns you may have about your special day.


Where are the ‘Register of Deeds’ offices located?

There is one in every North Carolina county. The two closest ones to the Outer Banks are as follows:

Dare County Register of Deeds in Manteo…..252-475-5970

Currituck County Register of Deeds in Currituck…..252-232-3297



What do we need to bring to the Register of Deeds?

This varies from county to county. It’s best to call the particular county you are going to and ask what they require so that you can arrive with peace of mind knowing you have what they will be wanting. Some require only a driver’s license and others also ask for social security number proof, divorce papers, etc.

Can we get our license online or through the mail?

There are possible notary and affidavit avenues depending on the county, but as of now you cannot get your license online. By far the easiest and quickest way to acquire your marriage license is for both of you to be present. If you have in hand what they will be asking for it usually only takes about 10-15 minutes.

How much is the license and when should we get it?

Your North Carolina marriage license will cost you $60 and be prepared to bring cash or check since credit and debit cards are not accepted. The license must be used with 60 days of the date it is issued so be sure to be within that window of time.

What do we do with it after we get it?

Hold on to it and deliver it to your officiant on the day of the rehearsal or wedding date so that he or she can be sure to fill out all the correct information as well as have your two witnesses fill their parts in the designated areas. You will have already signed it on the day it was issued to you. The officiant is then required to submit the license back to the county register of deeds from which it was issued. This must be done within ten days of the wedding date.

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